Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Great Hairball Treat Adventure

Well, it is time for a few words about hairball treats and other things. Of course, I must also get my grumbling out of my system because that's what I do best. And this is, after all, the place where I tell on Sarah. If she ever gets hold of this keyboard, I'm in big trouble!

First, a word about the hairball treats... Sarah buys them in bulk. (You can do the same. I won't mention that I have managed to con her into putting a product review up here in this here post, so if your cat is really smart and steps on the mouse at just the right time, it will pop up a little window and force you to stare at the hairball treats until you put them in your Amazon cart. Nifty, eh? I'm such a smart cat! I'll have your cats begging before you know it!)

Last week, Sarah got this bright idea to share some treats with her friend, Jenny, who has a brood of cats. Now, my sisters and I didn't mind this because there are plenty more treat packs in the cabinet. (See above paragraph about the bulk-buying.) However, Sarah forgot to tell Jenny about the fact that the treats are addictive. Now, I was a very polite cat while Jenny was here. However, I did put a bug in Inca's ear about the fact that Jenny had left her purse open; and, well, Inca has no shame. She went in and decided to have a treat on Jenny. Unfortunately for Inca, the treat bag was still sealed. But boy, was Jenny surprised to find a cat mugging her, right there in Sarah's living room! And I do mean mugging. With all the attacking and meowing that was going on, she may as well have been yelling, "Give me all your money--I mean treats!"

Jenny made it home safely with two treat packs. Poor Inca didn't get anything. Oh wait! Sarah had mercy on us so we would stay out of Jenny's purse. Sucker! According to Jenny's mom, who was visiting from Texas, the kitchen was quite the happenin' place the next morning when the treats were given out for the second time. It won't be long before they start begging.

I got caught off guard on Sunday night. Sierra was sleeping on the bed, and I was very hungry. Of course, I was, um, asking for my treat. I will learn never to be so distracted by my hunger again! Sarah put me on the bed, on her lap, next to that gray cat, and made me eat treats out of her hand ... and I am such a gullible fool! I sat right there and did it--and purred! I am utterly humiliated! I waited a whole five days before asking for any more treats, and I didn't even deliver a single hairball. The problem is that Sarah is going to be a tough trainer to throw off. She fed me in my chair this time, which means she's probably working up to a really good trick when I'm not expecting it.