Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's not all about me today (though Sarah keeps telling people what a good girl I've been lately because I've been on a snuggling streak).

It is hot, and that means Inca is miserable. She's yowling like a true curmudgeon. I guess she's entitled once in a while--she is 15 years old, after all. Sarah is down to three cans of Farmer's Market pumpkin in the cabinet; so she went in search of more on Amazon. I was disturbed from my nap by hre laughter at finding "Nummy Tum Tum pure pumpkin." She says you can't repeat that five times in a row without making yourself silly with laughter. But it was a nice price and seemed to be selling like mad on Amazon--there was only one left in stock. And, it was available for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Well well! Nummy Tum Tum is a company that markets specifically to pet owners. I guess lots of cats are yowling just like Inca lately. I'll be waiting to see whether Sarah tries any of the tricks from their Recipes page. In the meantime we'll see just how well Inca likes the pumpkin...