Saturday, December 25, 2010

shameful update

It comes to my attention that in my shame I have neglected to post that Sarah has managed to get what she wanted for Christmas.

I am now, unfortunately, in the habit of getting on the bed--next to Inca--in order to ask for my food.

I do not recommend trying this with your cats. They will be humiliated and ashamed; and they will resent you even if they purr and pretend they love you.

How shall we address Sarah in the blog?

Christmas has come, and we cats got a treat. Not a present. Just a treat to eat. We're not complaining, you must understand. We're not silly enough to think we must have presents. Presents are a human thing, and it is only humans who actually think about Christmas. Humans attribute way too many thought patterns to us animals. Cats are smart enough to walk away and not put up with this kind of silliness. Perhaps that is why cat owners are thought of as crazy: they don't engage in this ridiculous behavior. Dog owners, on the other hand, may as well have adopted a few kids! No wonder dogs are so poorly behaved! Hmph!

I must say that Loretta is quite the exception where that is concerned. She is not treated like a baby or a kid, and she has learned the rules relatively well. I have to keep her in line now and then, but most of the time she doesn't expect to be babied or treated special. In fact, when people start that kind of talk, it seems to be quite intolerable for her. Boy, am I ever glad!

Sarah has been thinking about letting Loretta have a blog. I sort of like the idea... Perhaps Loretta could explain a thing or two about what it means to be a dog guide and Sarah might come home less stressed once in a while. People seem to have this idea that Loretta could move mountains out of Sarah's way and Sarah doesn't have to do anything. Maybe Sarah should just get on Loretta's back and ride already! Gee, she may as well pluck out her brain for all the stuff people think needs to be done for her from day to day! Perhaps I should get in there and get started on dinner! Can you imagine what people would say if she told them the cat cooks her dinner???

Anyway, about Loretta's blog... There seems to be some controversy. What, exactly, is Loretta's relationship to Sarah? (What, exactly, is us kitties' relationship to Sarah, for that matter?) She is and isn't "Mom." We are most certainly not her "kids." (Pardon me while I go dislodge a few hairballs.) But we all do share a certain closeness that isn't really reflected in "Sarah and Loretta." (I'm much too grumpy to ever call anyone "Mom.")

On the other hand, Loretta is a dog with a job, not a pet. "Mom" is much too informal for minister's dog at work. And Loretta at work is most definitely not Loretta at home. Loretta at work is not the kind of dog who would say "Mom."

So the debate on what to do with Loretta's blog will continue...