Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pop, pop, pop!

It is July 6. Sarah has been busy doing this and that and hasn't let me get to my blog. But tonight she filled that big cat food bucket, and I am celebrating by taking the keyboard away from her. And I have something to hiss about.

They are still popping those nasty fireworks outside.

Sarah says that I really should post things in a more timely manner. Well, if she would give me the keyboard, I would. But for now, I'll just say it anyway. Fireworks scare cats. It is unkind to continue popping them for hours on end outside the window of a home where cats reside. Please stop!

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to live near firework-popping crazy people, please do your kitties a favor and keep your own self very calm and don't talk to them in baby talk. That just makes them more hyper and will result in you being kept awake all night (which you deserve if you use that silly high voice).

Friday, July 2, 2010

A treat, a treat!

Sarah bought my cat food today... By the way, she bragged to her dad that unlike some other picky kitties she's been reading about online, my sisters and I don't mind eating the Life Source bits in the new Blue Buffalo indoor formula. She made some silly comment about how I don't throw food all over the floor and waste half of what I'm supposed to be eating anymore. She doesn't realize that I'm just making her think that I'm getting in on this budgeting kick so she won't put me on a diet... Anyway, she brought home a big surprise: catnip!!! I should say, a catnip toy. It's a mouse that dangles from a ring so that she can hold it and and we can attack it instead of attacking her. She thought it would be a nice toy for me. Unfortunately, Inca got it first--and wouldn't let it go. She attacked the mouse and buried her head in the ring, even turning her head upside down so she could lick and nip to her little heart's content--except the little kitty heart just could not get enough nip to be contented. Eventually I had a chance to rub my head on that little treasure, too. But boy, oh boy, did Inca ever get a bang out of that little mouse!