Friday, October 15, 2010

cat people

For once I am not going to gripe... I know it is odd for a fat cat not to indulge herself in such behavior. However, today I really must pay homage to Sarah. For one thing, she never says bad things about me, even when I am grumpy. For another, she has become very adept at deflecting all those comments people make about that dog who goes everywhere with her and making them instead talk about her beloved three cats. I think this is so sweet and nice of her! I rewarded her by getting nicely into the carrier last weekend when she planned the semi-annual outing for claw clips; and I didn't snap or hiss. Of course, I did take advantage of the fact that the door failed to lock, and she had to make me get back in before we could leave. Ah well... It was a fun escape while it lasted...

Anyway, Sarah found a truly amazing piece of writing, and I think you really must read it. I try very hard to be nice and keep my feelings about dogs to myself. After all, Loretta does nice things for Sarah, and I do have to admit that life really isn't the same without a dog in the house. But I do think it is stupid the way people get so silly about their dog mania. So I just love this editorial about cat people! They have to endure so much stigma, and dog people seem to get so much respect no matter how goofy they are. I think it is about time things changed. Of course, what do I know? I'm just a cat.

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