Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who Needs Catnip?

Something is going on around here today! Sarah has discovered the way to make Sierra go crazy with glee--and it isn't catnip. Now, Inca likes catnip; and let me tell you, it is something to see an almost 15-year-old cat attack a toy mouse like it is the real thing! I can take the stuff or leave it. It sort of makes me feel good and relaxed. But for my little gray sister, there is nothing in the world like ...

The smell of cooking ham!

Who knew that Sarah could just cook her dinner and give Sierra a whole day's worth of ecstasy... Or maybe that is pure torture. I don't know... Ask Sierra when the day is up and she hasn't gotten any ham to eat. Of course, she has never even tasted the stuff! All the cat foods are made to taste like fish or chicken or turkey, etc. (Once in a while Sarah slips us a piece of chicken or turkey that she's roasted... We won't talk about its comparison to the cat food; but Sarah won't get on board and cook for us all the time. Something about time management or some such nonsense.)

So today Sierra is going berserk while Inca lounges and I sleep. Now when the ham is done, I will get interested. But I really quite prefer the chicken or the beef. Of course, I wouldn't know--they don't make beef cat food either. Someone really needs to give those cat food makers a clue. Dogs get all the fun flavors!

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