Friday, September 23, 2011

What am I hiding from?

I've been hiding. It's hard for a big cat like me to find good hiding places. Inca's so lucky--she can just go hide under the bed. Sierra's even luckier. She once found a nice little hidey hole--inside the mattress. You should have seen the pandemonium that ensued while people looked for her. Afterward Sarah's dad boarded up the bottom of the box spring so that no cats could get in there. Now Sarah has a nice new one, and so far (as far as we know, anyway) no little gray cat has hidden inside it.

So why have I been hiding? Because Sarah bought new wipes to keep us from shedding. Ugh! She says they're oh, so cool, and of course I am supposed to tell you all about them. I do have to admit it's pretty cool the way she can sneak up on Inca now. The last batch came in a package, and she had to store them in a Ziplok bag. So when she needed one, she made this big production: opening the drawer, getting the bag, opening the bag, getting the wipe, closing the bag so the other wipes wouldn't dry out. Of course, Inca heard her doing all this, woke up, and ran away by the time she was finished. Eventually Sarah figured out how to hold Inca and do the production one-handed. Too bad I didn't know how to use a camera. That would've been a nice picture to post, especially because Inca does the little squirmy routine.

Well, these new wipes come in a nice container with a lid. They can just sit on the dresser, and when Sarah wants one she just pops the lid off and takes one out, and it's all very fast. Inca doesn't have a clue, and she is still asleep when the wipe-down begins. Boy, does that ever mess up her day.

Sarah's favorite thing about the wipes is that they supposedly smell nice. I wouldn't know--I'm not into nice smelly things. I do find it rather strange--they're supposed to be "fragrance-free." Oh, she also says they make us feel oh, so soft. I haven't noticed that she pets us more or less, but maybe that's just because she's the cat lady. We should test them out on someone else. Perhaps if Sarah's mom suddenly got interested in petting me and thought I was as "pooty" as Inca, then we'd know the "soft" thing was true...

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