Friday, June 25, 2010

Hungry cats must be fed!

This week, hoards of people have descended upon Anderson for the annual North American Convention of the Church of God--Sarah insists it should just be called "camp meeting." Some local business owners complain that customers are rude during this annual event. Apparently people don't like the impact of a bunch of out-of-towners on food service. They should see what happens when hungry cats don't get served quickly enough! Sarah has spent the last several years teaching me to stand up and meow instead of bite. If only she knew what angst I hold back when that food bowl is empty--especially when that silly dog has stolen all the food! One day I will pay that dog back for stealing my food...

Speaking of food, I managed to get the bowl filled today, and I didn't even have to say a word. I put a bug in Inca's ear about the impending diet. When there were just a few kibbles left, she started leaping from the dresser to the desk, knocking things around, and generally creating a major scene. It was quite an effective distraction. Sarah got up after about ten minutes and performed the required food bowl maintenance. Score! By the way, Inca is 14 years old. She may just live long enough to pass the Old Casey...


  1. i can't stand other cats either but maybe we need to swap tips because i just wanna scratch that dog when she sneaks in and eats my food.

    merarl, my mom is pushing me off her computer now

  2. Prrrrrow ... Hiya, Sable! I have commandeered my mom's hands and computer so I can tell you how much I admire your determination and talent, not to mention your blog! I'm the baby of my family but I'm already working on those matronly curves. [Mom calls me a chunk-butt, like she can talk!)


    Carmelita Pentecost