Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some dogs have all the luck...

Some animals have all the luck! I never seem to fall into that category. Sarah says she knows how I feel, but today I'm pretty mad at her. She caused the problem I am grumbling about.

She decided it was time to fill up that dog's food container--you know, that big, huge container that holds 40 pounds of dog food. Well... she didn't have such good aim with the top of the bag. (I could've told her it would be better to call that Dad man downstairs to come and do this.) Dog food went everywhere! She cleaned it up, but that dog got to play snacky later. Man... It should've been me! No such luck. Cat food bags only weigh 20 pounds, and she never spills those.

My only consolation is that she won't feed Inca any animal crackers. At least there is one thing Inca doesn't get her way about.

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